Best Bulldog Gifts: Gifts for your Dog

There's no denying that despite their sometimes short stature, Bulldogs have some of the most significant personalities found in any breed of dog. They have captured the hearts of many households and dog lovers in general. It's only natural to want to shower your special guy or gal with all of the gifts and treats that you can afford. The market is kinda flooded when it comes to the likes of dog toys, treats, and other supplies, however, so it can be challenging to decide what's best. In the following, the best choices for bulldog gifts will be narrowed down considerably.

First of all, bulldogs are known to lapse into laziness pretty quickly if their owners let them do so. They are more than happy to lay around on their bellies all day, and who can blame them? Still, with as many potential health issues as bulldogs can sometimes have, it's best to keep them somewhat active as often as possible. The time to take dogs on regular walks or out to the dog park might not always be possible for everyone, so an alternative means of exercise is a motorized dog toy.

bulldogThere are several kinds of motorised dog toys. They usually come in the form of plastic balls that have enough girth for the dogs to chew on. Every bulldog loves to eat on any "prey" they happen to get their paws on, but the ability for the toy to get away will keep them on their clicky little toes. There is also motion activated varieties out there.

If you want help choosing which style to go with, anything that resembles a real animal like a squirrel will tap into your bulldog's instincts. The myth that dogs only see black and white is also untrue; they just can't see the red spectrum of colour, so opt for any toys that are bright blue or yellow.

Of course, even the most active bulldog is going to want to rest in between play sessions. A good dog bed all their own is one of the best gifts for your dog you can provide. Dogs like to feel safe when they sleep, so find a bed that will allow them to have a corner all around them. You don't have to opt for anything huge, however, since a lot of the most important dog beds out there end up having a lot of unused real-estate. Sometimes smaller is cozier.

Whatever kind of bed you go with, make sure you place it near their established favourite resting spot in the house.

Finally, the real way to any dog's heart is through their stomach. So, one of the absolute best bulldog gifts for your dog is in the form of food! Opt for high end treats from companies such as Blue Buffalo or Wellness to make sure you're providing an excellent product free from harmful fillers. From biscuits to jerky and everything in between, the top shelf dog food brands have plenty of treats that will leave your bulldog nothing short of impressed with your remarkable generosity.