Review Of The Nifti SafeLatch

Do you have a pet dog that you love because if you do, the chances are you have gone through a few dog leashes? If this sounds like you and you're searching for something a bit more secure and definitely stronger, then consider buying the Nifti SafeLatch. You may or may not have heard of it. This review will go over what it is, the pros, the cons, price and whether or not you should get it.

What Is The Nifti SafeLatch

Nifti SafeLatch is a leash, but it's not the traditional type of leash you're used to. It is a pet safety leash and it allows you to connect it securely to the collar‘s D-ring or the harness's D-ring. The leash is patented, and it offers a range of advantages. Most leashes have bolt snaps as their latches, but this particular leash has a bolt snap latch, which is the first of its kind.

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The Pros Of The Nifti SafeLatch

One of the best things about the Nifti SafeLatch is it has a bolt located right inside the hook pocket. The hook automatically connects to your pet's collar and you only need one hand to do it. Unlike traditional leashes, when you hook this one to the collar or harness, you won't have to worry about pinching your finger.

The Nifti SafeLatch is also just as easy to disconnect, as all you need to do is use your thumb to release it. Don't worry about accidentally releasing it either because it features a magnet. This is why the latch connects very securely to the collar or harness.

This leash is durable and will last for a long time to come. Not only that, but you won't have to worry about corrosion or rust, which cannot be said for many of the leashes out there today. It doesn't matter how much your dog pulls or how strong they are, they will likely not be able to break out of this leash. In fact, the company behind the leash says that the pull force test exceeded over six-hundred pounds.

Those are only a few advantages. The bottom line is you get a lot for your money with this leash. More importantly, you will be keeping your pet safe.

The Cons
As for cons, there're really no major cons of this leash. If we had to choose one, we would say the price but this is a matter of personal opinion. You might not find the price of the Nifti SafeLatch leash to be expensive. Some people may, but we think it is sold at a fair price, which will be discussed in the next section.

As for how much the leash cost, you can buy it for around $30, but it really depends on where you buy it from. Keep in mind that high-quality leashes often go for this much, but those leashes are still not that great compared to the Nifti SafeLatch leash. In short, we think the price is more than fair.


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Should You Get Nifti SafeLatch

We firmly believe you should be this pet safety leash because of all the advantages and benefits it has to offer. This leash is durable, reliable, affordable and well worth the investment. You simply cannot go wrong with this leash, especially when you consider the peace of mind you'll get. It doesn't matter what kind of dog you have or the size of it, you will find the Nifti SafeLatch to be useful.

Nifti SafeLatch is worth the investment. Even if you think the leash you currently use is doing the trick, you can never be too careful. We recommend giving the Nifti SafeLatch a try for yourself. We are confident you will love it and will probably never go back to using a regular leash again.