How To Choose Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers

If you have a dog who is an aggressive chewer, you need to look for dog toys for aggressive chewers. Dog toys for aggressive chewers will be different to your average dog toy and will ensure that your dog remains safe while playing. When you are looking at the different dog toys for aggressive chewers on the market, there are some points that you have to consider to ensure that you are getting the right toy for your dog.


Know What Toys To Avoid

If you have an aggressive chewer, you need to know what types of toys you should be avoiding. Stuffed and plush toys should not be looked at because they will break quickly. The durability of these toys is practically non-existent when you have an aggressive chewer. Additionally, your dog could swallow the stuffing in these toys which is not good for their health.

With an aggressive chewer, you should also avoid soft toys that have a squeaker in them. These are potential choking hazards for your dog when the toy breaks.

What Should The Toy Be Made Of

There are a lot of dog toys on the market that state that they are made for aggressive chewers. However, the material that the toy is made of will play a large role in whether or not this is true. Latex and vinyl toys should be avoided as they are generally not strong enough to withstand aggressive chewing. These toys will also generally come with squeakers which should be avoided.

It is recommended that you look at hard rubber toys for your dog. These toys will be stronger than others and will be able to last for many months. It is important to note that there are no dog toys that are indestructible even when the manufacturer states this.

Rope style chew toys are also a good option for aggressive chewers. These toys will generally be very durable and their materials will be tested to ensure that they are strong enough to withstand chewing. Another benefit of these toys is that they can be used to clean your dog’s teeth while they are playing with them.

Rope toys are also very easy to wash which is important to look at when choosing dog toys. These toys will need to be washed regularly because they will become smelly after a few days of your dog chewing on them. You also need to regularly wash the toys to ensure that your dog remains healthy.

When looking at rope toys, you should look for cotton rope because they will generally be exceptionally thick. They will also have a high thread number which makes them more durable. You will also not have to worry about your dog swallowing a few of the loose threads because they will generally pass through easily.

Quality Does Cost

It is very tempting to choose the cheaper dog toy because you feel that it will not last very long with your aggressive chewer. However, you need to carefully consider the quality of the cheap toy that you are getting and the safety of it. Cheap toys will generally be soft toys and they will not be as durable or safe for your dog as the hard rubber toys.

If you believe that buying cheap toys more frequently will make the most sense financially, you should carefully consider how many toys you will have to buy. The higher cost of a better quality toy could be less than the amount you would spend on the cheaper toys over the same period.

Getting A Durable Ball

When you have an aggressive chewer, you will find that they go through balls very quickly as well. This is why you should consider ball toys which are made for strong chewers. These toys will generally be spherical in shape and could be seen as balls with a twist. These toys will last a lot longer than tennis balls and footballs.

Know The Different Brands

There are certain brands that are known for offering the best dog toys for aggressive chewers and you need to know who they are. These brands will generally cost more than the generic toys, but they will last longer and be better for your dog. The primary brand that you should be aware of is Kong.

Kong is the market leader when it comes to durable toys and toys for aggressive chewers. This brand offers a range of different toys which ensures that you will find a toy that your dog loves. There are some of these toys that can be filled with treats which will add some fun to playing for your dog.

When you have an aggressive chewer, you need to ensure that you are getting the right toy for them. These toys should be made from hard materials and be durable enough to last many months.

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