Review of PeeDar Pro 2.0 Pet Urine Detector

Millions of pets owners get frustrated as the pet refuses to pee in their designated area. In some cases, those pee stains can be left unnoticed leading to an unappealing stain and/or scent. Over time, these pee splashes may disappear to the naked eye but will still remain present. To find these pee splashes or stains, it's best to use a UV based light such as the PeeDar Pro 2.0 Pet Urine Detector to figure out those hidden spots. Here is more on the product's key features, advantages, and disadvantages.

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Key Features

  1. Glows To Show Stains
  2. Uses 380-385NM UV Wavelength
  3. Requires 3 x AAA Batteries
  4. 2-year Warranty
  5. Includes Fact-Filled Behaviorist Book
  6. Offers 21 LEDs


1) Easy to Use

Being in a spot where there are hidden pee stains can be frustrating but this doesn't mean it takes a long time to find them with a good tool. The PeeDar Pro Pet Urine Detector is a wonderful solution because of how easy it is to use. Pop in the batteries, turn it on and start to shine it at specific spots around the property. Is so handy to find pet urine in the carpet. This is all it takes and the results will speak for themselves. The charm of this detector is its build quality, light quality, and overall performance when put to the test. A pet owner will feel confident with this in their hands and won't even need an instruction manual to get it going!

2) 100% Efficiency

What is the main goal of a detector such as this?

The idea is to pick it up and start to look around at the rest of the property. Pet owners don't have to hesitate when it comes to this product as it is guaranteed to work straight out of the packaging. Too many products have long-winded setup instructions and that can take the wind out of your sail as soon as you begin. The reason this detector is well-acclaimed has to do with its ability to work at a higher rate than its competitors and do it faster.

3) Long-Lasting Battery

The battery life is exceptional as it doesn't use a lot of energy while still performing at a higher level. Yes, it is going to take up "3 x AAA" batteries and these will be placed in the designated slot. However, once the batteries are ready to go, you will be able to use it for a long time to come without thinking about the batteries. This is how a modern-day detector should be and it's the reason this one stands out. It is able to deliver great results.

4) Picks Up Other Substances

One of the biggest worries a person will have has to do with other substances. It could be something as simple as your dog's saliva and it might dry onto the carpet without you noticing. This is one of the worst things to deal with but you will be able to see everything with this product in hand.


1) Works Better in the Dark

If there is one thing to fret about with this world-class product, it would have to do with the lighting. It is going to work even better in the dark and that might be difficult if you are using it in the day. While it will still work, it is always smarter to use it in a dark room (turn off the lights!).

Final Thoughts on PeeDar 2.0

The PeeDar Pro Pet Urine Detector is as good as it gets with modern-day detectors and is a dream come true for pet owners. Find those hidden stains/splashes and get rid of them immediately.

How Pee Radar Technology Works:

Shining your uniquely powerful PeeDar 2.0 on dried urine causes crystals in the urine to briefly absorb some of this powerful UV energy, they then give off this energy as they cool down, in the form of visible light we call fluorescence. Rather than cleaning the whole carpet, you can simply mark problem spots as you find them, cleaning them later at your convenience.

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Why Our PeeDar 2.0 Contribution Beats Our Highest Competitor's 12 LED UV Model:

  • Significantly Higher UV Output/Fluorescence - 75% (9!) Extra UV LEDs + Latest New Square Chip Technology.
  • No Overwhelming Purple Haze Hiding Stains - PeeDar 2.0's 380-385NM Outputs Considerably Less Visible Purple Light Than
  • Cheaper 390-400+NM Torches. Stains Glow Notably Brighter In Their True Colours Vs Backgrounds.
  • 3 x Duracell AAAs Are Included - Powerful, Long Lasting Known Brand Batteries That You Can Trust.
  • Halt Your Cat Or Dog's Urination Problem Completely - In-depth Professional (DipCABT) 150+ Page eBook Leads You Through The
  • Most Positive, Safe And "Proven" Ways Of Ascertaining The Basic Causes Of Unsuitable Urination, And How Thoroughly To Reduce/Eliminate Them Forever.
  • Expert Secrets Are Explained. Unique And Easy To Follow And Complete Step-By-Step Guidance (Contact us if you don't get the download link email after your order ships!).
  • Two Year Guarantee - If For Whatever Reason Your PeeDar 2.0 Is Faulty You Can Send It Back, No-Hassle, To Us And We'll Send You A Free Replacement
  • Feel Confident That Caring, Speedy And Knowledgeable Customer Service Is Available At All Times.