Taste Of The Wild Canine Formula Dog Food

Taste of the Wild is dedicated to offering healthy alternatives to the run of the mill pet food that lines most department and grocery store shelves. With high-quality ingredients that are carefully chosen to benefit and bolster the peculiar intricacies of the digestive system of dogs, this special canine formula remains one of the top options for pet owners. The flavor alone is sure to please even the most choosy taste buds, and you can rest easy knowing you're giving your pet something far more nutritious and health conscious than most.

Taste Of The Wild The Ingredients

First of all, the Taste of the Wild canine formula focuses on healthy proteins, minerals, and fibers that are in line with the ideal diet for dogs. It avoids cheap filler such as grains and cornmeal. If you look at the ingredient list of most major brands, you'll likely see those present on every single option. On the other hand, the Taste of the Wild formula relies upon high-quality foods such as lean smoked turkey, roasted quail, roasted duck, as well as tomatoes, dried chicory root, raspberries, peas, sweet potatoes, and blueberries (just to name a few).

Improved Health

The specific ingredients used in each batch of Taste of the Wild include a number of antioxidants and prebiotic fibers. They are also brimming with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Crucial vitamins such as D, B1, B12, A, and E are all included as well.

Every food included in the core formula is in keeping with what wolves have historically eaten in the wild in order to thrive. The digestive tract and immune systems of domesticated dogs still benefit greatly from the same diet. By relying on this formula for the bulk of their nutrition, your dog's health will flourish. You'll notice that they have far more energy, healthier eyes and teeth, and a shinier, fuller coat.

Taste Of The Wild Wide Selection And Variety

Dogs can become just as bored after eating the same foods daily as humans. If your pet seems to be a picky eater, you'll benefit from the wide array of options that Taste of the Wild offers their customers. Not only do they cater to all different sizes and ages of dogs, they also produce a number of different flavors. Examples include canned bison with gravy, venison and garbanzo bean kibble, Angus beef, salmon in gravy, roasted lamb, turkey, trout, and many others. You can even switch between the kibble and canned formulas for every other meal to make sure your pet's diet is as varied as possible.

Proper Feeding

You should be sure to consult with your dog's veterinarian to determine if they have special dietary needs. Depending on their size or current health, they may thrive best with specific options. It's also important to know precisely how often and how much food you need to provide. Each bag of Taste of the Wild's kibble includes a handy feeding guide in case you're in between vet visits. You should at least be aware of your dog's weight before using it, however.

The Bottom Line

While special formulas of dog food like Taste of the Wild may cost a bit more than some of the major brands you can find in big box retail stores, you're making an investment in your pet's health. Even in a one to one comparison of the ingredients alone, it's easy to see where your dollars are going. This product has high customer satisfaction rates and the enthusiastic recommendation from nearly all modern veterinarians. Best of all, your dog will be sure to love it.


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